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For nearly a decade there was no higher educational institution that would produce qualified doctors and other professionals. A large number of qualified Somali professionals have either became the victims of the civil war or fled from the country in search of better livelihood and security.

In response to this circumstance, a group of Somali doctors, after thorough analysis of situation, have decided to reverse the gloomy scenario of the situation. In this regard, they have established Benadir University in October 2002.

The university started with single faculty, the Faculty of Medicine. However on the basis of innovative and strategic vision of the university, we have added other important disciplines. Currently Benadir University grew to 8 faculties with 2385 students.

The programs of the university are designed to develop students’ personality and prepare them to playing well their role in the development of the country. BU strives to establish an open system of innovation and critical thinking similar to that of the developed countries.

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