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 It is matter of pride and satisfaction to introduce you to Benadir University which, with few years,has grown into reputable institution in Somalia. The University is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as an education provider in Somalia. The civil war in Somalia has deprived the Somali children of their rights to education. Thanks to the Somali intellectuals who after feeling the need to revitalize the country’s educational system, established educational institutions.

Otherwise a number of Somali generations would have been lost.
Benadir University is the result of such endeavors. It is remarkable that the founders of this university had the vision and courage to lay the foundation stone for an academic institution that would contribute to the development of the country.
Despite the hardship faced, the university has grown remarkably and learned from its experience. Started with single faculty, Faculty of Medicine, Benadir University currently has the following faculties:

          1.      Faculty of Medicine

2.      Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology

3.      Faculty of Engineering

4.      Faculty of Education

5.      Faculty of veterinary science

6.      Faculty of Agriculture

7.      Faculty of Shari’a & Law

8.    Faculty of Health science

9.    Faculty of Economics & Management (FEMA)

10.  Faculty of Geo-Science

11.  Faculty of Dentistry

I congratulate the members of faculty, administrative staff and students for working in unity. It is due to their efforts that Benadir University enjoys high reputation.
Benadir University continues in its quest to become an exceptionally high functioning, and extremely productive institution of higher education. Its journey toward achieving excellence at all levels and becoming the nation’s premiere university is guided by its plan that reflects and incorporates the institution’s plan for the future.
BU iterative strategic planning cycle comprises four integrated components: - Assessment, Planning, Resource Allocation, and Implementation. It is the institution’s intent to engage all stakeholders of the University in every part of this dynamic, constantly evolving strategic planning process.
BU was established in October 2002 by a team of prominent Somali professionals with a curriculum tailored to meet the learning needs and aspirations of the Somali students.
The total destruction of the pre-war sole national university infrastructure has resulted in serious problems of access to higher education.

The complexity of the present situation in Somalia poses formidable challenges to Benadir University, nevertheless BU has the moral obligation to take up the challenges and act as guardian and promoter of higher education system. It is within our mandate to use every available means to promote this crucial sector.
We are men and women from all parts of Somalia who value the qualities of professionalism, leadership and integrity.

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